Jim Thomason has been programming for a while now, mainly operating as Just Another Perl Hacker. He's been a Mac guy since the early '90s (back before it was cool) and has been pleased as punch to work on his platform of choice pretty much without interruption for his whole life. He doesn't do Windows. He can't fix your printer.

He does have a good knack for figuring out what problems people have and then solving them. Debtinator is working pretty well at solving the problem of mountains of debt.

His specialties, in no particular order, include Perl, Objective-C, and Javascript. Plus enough HTML, CSS, and C to be respectable. And a smattering of other technologies he's honestly largely forgotten.

Oh, and basset hound wrangling. He's certified.
Sally's the head of security. If anybody walks up to the office, she'll let you know. Or walks by the office. Or thinks about walking by it. Or might walk by it. This includes people, other dogs, and invisible squirrels. Boy, will she let you know.
Stan handles quality control, mainly confirming that the sofa cushions remain of the utmost quality. Or the chair. Gotta make sure that's still high quality, too. In his ongoing quest to ensure that only the very best comes out of Basset Software, he will also frequently request to inspect the treat drawer. To maintain quality, of course.

Those requests are summarily declined.
Tucker the intern just started and is trying to figure out where he can help out the most. His current priority is getting big enough to catch up with his ears.
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I have been working to get debt free for the last 6 years or so ever sense I lost my job and it took 6 months to find another one. In 6 months time, my debt went to around $21,000. Every year I made some progress to paying off my debt but after I started using this app for the past 2 years or so, I can now say that I am debt free and have a little over $3400 in the bank. I would have gotten there by myself but not as fast. I still use Debtinator to plan out what to save in the bank and what I may spend to help maximize my money. Debtinator has helped me to become debt free and put extra money back in the bank. If you really wont an idea of what to do with your money, you should give Debtinator a chance.
-VirtualShift on VersionTracker.com